[i-Turbo 3 Training] F-Diesel i‐Turbo 3 Intelligent Turbo Actuator Tester and Programmer basic introduce (1)

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F-Diesel CANTURBO i-Turbo 3 basic introduce (1)

This is the first in our series on training the F-Diesel CANTURBO i-Turbo 3. Please watch the details below:

F-diesel CANTURBO i‐turbo 3 is intelligent turbo controller tester and programmer. Smart and easy‐play is its standalone feature for turbocharger actuator repair and diagnose. i‐turbo 3 platform especially aims to provide
the benefit for heavy duty turbocharger actuator diagnose and calibration.

F-diesel CANTURBO i‐turbo 3 integrates the test and calibration function for the heavy duty diesel engine for on‐road and offroad application for VGT/VTG/VNT turbocharger from Holset/Borgwarner/Garrett /MHI/IHI etc. i‐turbo 3 run with the following function for the turbo actuator repair and diagnose:

Actuator support family:
• Holset VGT actuator: HE200VG/HE300VG/HE351VG/HE400/HE431/HE500/HE531/HE561VG
• Borgwarner actuator: S300VG/B2UV actuator
• Mitsuba actuator:REA,SREA
• Mitsibishi actuator:LEA,-GEA, S-GEA
• Hella actuator:REA, SREA, UTA, SUTA

Basic function:
• Actuator configuration reading
• Install and calibration
• Historical temperature detecting
• Life‐time detecting
• Hysteresis detecting
• Learn
• 1% step sweep testing for flow measurement

Diagnose function:
• Voltage abnormal detecting
• PCBA abnormal detecting
• Over temperature detecting
• Over life‐time detecting
• VGT mechanism stuck detecting
• PCBA internal ERROR code reading and clean

i-Turbo 3 Three Type Version :
Standard Edition
Premium Edition
Master Edition

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F-Diesel i-Turbo 3 Application and Harness

F-Diesel i-Turbo 3 All Edition Function