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F-DIESEL Group, originated from Germany, focuses on investment, research and development, production and service of diesel engines and their spare parts, not only providing high-quality products and services for the global OE manufacturers but also the aftermarket of international automotive, marine and engineering machineries. After more than 20 years of intensive cultivation, F-DIESEL has completed trademark registration in more than 70 countries around the world, and established R&D centers, production plants, branches and sales networks in Germany, the United States, China, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South America, Africa and etc.

F-Diesel E-Commerce is a subsidiary of F-Diesel Group, located in Hofheim, Taunus, Germany. The company focuses on online business. Its business covers common rail fuel injection systems and components, fuel injection system components for the China OE market, marine fuel injection system components, marine turbochargers and components, turbocharger electronic control actuators, turbocharger components, marine engine components, aftertreatment systems and components, thermostats,automotive electronics (temperature and pressure sensors,common rail pressure sensors, engine sensors, air flow meters, NOx Sensors, etc) and other diesel engine parts.

F-Diesel’s outstanding customer service is here to with more than 20 years of combined automotive OE market and aftermarket experiences, aiming to provide world standard one stop solution for engine components and automotive electronics.

Our common rail fuel injection system matching includes:

-Engine Displacement: 2-125L
-Engine Power: 24.8-3600 Kw
-Pump Speed: 900-4000 rpm
-Pump Pressure: 160-180Mpa
-Pump Type: Inline type, V type, Rotary type

Our fuel injection system parts’ offering includes:
Common Rail Parts:
        Pump, injector, Nozzle, Valve set, Metering Unit, Pressure Limiting Valve, Orifice plate, Suction Control Valve, DRV, Control valve and etc.;
-Mechanical Parts:
        Pump, Injector, Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery valve, repair kits and etc.;
Repair Tool and Testing Equipment: EUI, EUP, CAT HEUI services.

Our turbocharger matching includes:

-Engine Power:30kw-2100KW
-Compressor Wheel Diameter:35mm-230mm
-Max pressure ratio: 5
-Max RPM: 200000

-Tutbo Components
-Turbo Repair Kits
F-Diesel provide the solution to turbocharger actuator & components for both diesel and gasoline application.
-VGT Electronic Actuator
-VNT Electronic Actuator
-REMAN Electronic Actuator Repair Kits
-Gasoline Electronic Actuator



  • This is the basic of F-Diesel.
  • F-Diesel is faithful to the customers.
  • F-Diesel is faithful to the supplier.
  • F-Diesel is faithful to the employees.


  • F-Diesel is delicated to engine and components field.
  • F-Diesel is forging a generation business.


  • F-Diesel will supply you full range engine power and components as times goes by (most of international well-know engines and parts will be available within 10 years).
  • Employees, customers and suppliers will grow with F-Diesel.
  • Advanced development and product development at engine and parts aftermarket.
  • F-Diesel will be first-class supplier.
  • F-Diesel employees will be excellent and professional.
  • F-Diesel customers will be the leading company in their local area.


  • Employees, customers, suppliers make F-Diesel.
  • F-Diesel final destination: All people enjoy their life with F-Diesel.

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