Category Delphi Common Rail Nozzle
Stamping No. D381

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    The relevant part numbers,applications etc characteristic parameter information of the DELPHI COMMON RAIL NOZZLE D381 are as follows:
    Category Delphi Common Rail Nozzle
    Parts Type Common Rail Components, Vehicle Fuel Injection Parts
    Application Type Vehicle
    FIE Brand DELPHI
    Brand Name FD Motorenteile
    Stamping No. D381
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    common rail nozlle D381
    common rail nozlle D381
    Common Rail Nozzle packing image
    common rail nozlle D381

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    F-Diesel FIE System as a subsidiary of F-Diesel Group is a professional enterprise in the fuel injection system field intergrating Research & Development, Design, Manufacturing, Sales and Service, specializes in the providing of fuel injection system solution for worldwide OE market and also in distribution of fuel injection system components of the automotive industry since 1999.In the OE market, the common rail injection system currently manufactured by us can match for light,medium,heavy and super-heavy diesel engines which meet the emission requirements of Euro III-V for on-road diesel engine and Euro III-IV for off-road diesel engine.Currently we are the FIE OE supplier for domestic diesel engine manufacturers including but not limited Tinotruck, Cummins, Yuchai, Weichai, Shangchai, Yunnei, YTO, Lovol and etc. In the aftermarket,we are committed to supplying products meeting or exceeding OEM or equivalent standard and specifications.These efforts are backed by our reliable factories,quality management and engineering expertise.

    F-Diesel’s outstanding customer service is here to with more than 20 years of combined automotive OE market and aftermarket experiences,aiming to provide world standard one stop solution for fuel injection system and related components.

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